Academic Senate


October 22, 2003

3:00 p.m. – BC 214


Members Present: Barbara Bell, Susan Broderick, Gary Carroll, Jim Chesher, Esther Frankel, Jack Friedlander, Michelle Fulton, Tom Garey, Peter Haslund (Chair), Tom Mahoney, Kim Monda Kathy O’Connor, Peter Rojas, Lana Rose, Jan Schultz, Sheri Shields, Bob Stockero, Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli.


Guests: Mary Lawson, Mangai Pitchai, The Channels, Sally Saenger



1.0      CALL TO ORDER


            1.1      Approval of Minutes

M/S/C Approval of October 8, 2003 Senate meeting minutes (Frankel/Carroll) Unanimous


            1.2      Approval of the Agenda



2.0      INFORMATION  (Announcements, Communications)


2.1      John Lorelli, Bookstore Manager, made a short presentation concerning the need for faculty to submit book orders in a timely fashion in order to take advantage of lower-priced, used books that might be available.  John responded to questions about book sales and buyback policies.  He also noted that publishers continue to increase prices by 4-7% annually and also complicate the buyback process by the process of “bundling” CDs, internet access cards, etc. which need to be included when the student returns the book at the buyback stage.  He emphasized that, ultimately, the customer was not the student or the bookstore.  It is the faculty member and that we can affect their behavior.


2.2      Senate Roster:  For internal use only (handout was not available at meeting).


            2.3      Adjunct Faculty Election results: Michelle Fulton as the Academic Senate Adjunct Faculty Representative by majority. The tally:


                        97 ballots (4 late votes not counted)

                        93 votes counted

                        91 votes for Michelle

                        1 write in vote for another candidate

                        1 blank ballot



3.0      REPORTS


3.1      President


·      Senate Meeting Schedule:  Ranking faculty positions will require that we meet for 3 consecutive Wednesdays. Corrected schedule handed out at meeting.



·      Bylaw Modifications:  Non-substantive, clarifying changes.


                        M/S/C Move the Academic Senate Bylaws        

Modifications to Discussion item on current (today’s) agenda (O’Connor/Schultz)


                           Template was handed out as a guideline for Senators to use when  writing biographical statements for Senate web page.



3.2      EVP

Acknowledged: 1. Patricia Stark and all the state-wide awards the Channels recently received. 2. Under the leadership of Kathy Adams,  the Transfer Center staff developed a guaranteed articulation agreement with Sonoma State University. 3. Great turnout for transfer day—over 1,200 parents/students attended this event which is about 200 more than last year. 4. Margaret Eejima announced her intent to retire at the end of the academic year, increasing the total to 19 positions that need to be filled. 5. The Faculty Teaching and Learning seminar that Jack Ullom has provided the leadership for developing has been nominated for a national award.


Contrary to the substantial increase in enrollments that SBCC has experienced this fall and summer, the state-wide fall headcount for California community colleges is down 4.3% and the summer headcount and FTES is substantially lower this year than last year. If this trend holds for the spring semester, the college may receive additional funding this year for its FTES growth.


Clarification of Banked TLU issue - Clarity for the use of banked TLUs is needed. The proposal is to allow a faculty member to apply banked TLUs for a planned underload as long as the department chair and the dean certify that the department can cover the class sections that need to be offered when the underload is being taken. 12 TLUs can be applied toward a sabbatical. The proposed changes in this policy will  be sent to the Senate in the proper format.



M/S/C To move the Banked TLU report/issue to Discussion item on current (today‘s) agenda (Rose/O’Connor) 


M/S/C To approve as action item on next agenda (Garey/Schultz)

3.3      Liaison Reports



3.4      Report from Faculty Recognition Committee – Mary Lawson

            FRC calls for nominations and then processes the information by going to steering and Senate. Would like to by-pass steering to increase the nomination window by 2-3 weeks. Notification to steering allows the nomination to be put on the Agenda.  A handout about an Exemplary Program award was distributed with a request that it be considered for approval.


            What is deadline for State submittal? December 1, 2003. Feels that steering could be notified in a simpler way - however, does not view it             as a fast track procedure.  Steering should not want to be removed out of the process. Can go to action.


M/S/C To add this as a discussion item on current (today’s) agenda (O’Connor/Carroll) Unanimous






·               Proposed policy re: Teaching Over 60% and Substitute Teaching.  Jack Friedlander


To provide clarity. When adjunct instructor is asked to substitute for courses not assigned it doesn’t count towards the 60%, unless the total number of substitution days is more than 20 days over the semester.


            Suggestion: Make this information part of Adjunct Faculty orientation.


            Will be brought back in policy format. 


·               Faculty Hiring Procedure:  Voting procedure “made simple.”  Kathy O’Connor

Will be on next Senate Agenda 10-27-03.


·               College Plan:  Stipulation of EVP’s priorities and discussion. - Handout

The college plan should be linked more closely with the budget development process. Identify which objectives need additional funds to achieve. Many objectives and goals are achievable without additional funds. This document is coming from the deans and EVP’s office. Request for back up documentation/statistics within the context of the specific goals to allow for a more informed decision making process. 


·               College Calendar, 2004-2005.  Four options available. 

            The various configurations of semester start and end dates were discussed.    There is an option of having two, three day holidays in February or one four  day holiday.


            Concerns: When pre and co-requisites are enforced counseling may need   more time between fall and spring semester.


            Request: to simplify the format for the four calendars. Indicate the key dates and day for electronic distribution before next meeting. 


            Consider: having comparable calendar to city schools. Many students are parents.


Suggestion: have students voice their calendar preference. The EVP reported that the calendar options have been submitted to the Student Senate and to CSEA for review.


Request was made to number the calendars as follows: Blue=1, Pink=2, Green=3, Yellow=4



5.0      ACTION


5.01    M/S/C Support the top 9 tenure track replacement positions previously approved from 2003 (O’Connor/Rose) Unanimous



5.02    M/S/C Request replacement positions numbered 10-18 to present supporting data and give presentations to Academic Senate for evaluation if they choose to request a position. (O’Connor/Garey) Unanimous