Academic Senate Meeting


July 18, 2003

10:00 a.m. - BC214


Present: Gary Carroll, Jim Chesher, Esther Frankel, Jack Friedlander, Michelle Fulton, Karolyn Hanna (for Lana Rose), Peter Haslund (Chair), Mary Lawson (for Susan Broderick), Tom Mahoney, Kathy Molloy (for Barbara Bell), Kim Monda, Kathy O’Connor, Peter Rojas, Bob Stockero.


Excused: Barbara Bell, Susan Broderick, Tom Garey, Lana Rose, Jan Schultz, Sheri Shields, Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli.


Guests: Terre Ouwehand, Jack Ullom.



1.0      CALL TO ORDER


The special Senate meeting was called to order.


The Chair offered an apology regarding the prior cancellation of the Summer Senate meeting and the short notice of this meeting.


            1.1      Minutes of the May 14, 2003 meeting were distributed. 

                        Minutes to be voted on at the first meeting of the Fall 03 term.


            1.2      Approval of the Agenda was requested.


The principal focus of the meeting was the selection process for hiring the mandated number of one-year contract faculty for the reason that the Board of Governor’s has denied the waiver request. There was a partial waiver granted – four of the required number of mandated contract faculty positions do not need to be filled.  The chair outlined a process by which the discussion would proceed, and there was general agreement to support that process.


The EVP would provide an overview of “How did we get to this place?”  to be followed by his recommendation. Next, a substantial period was allotted for a thorough discussion of our options. Finally, there was to be a formal motion to endorse, change or reject the Executive Vice President’s proposal.


M/S/C To Approve the current Senate Agenda (Hanna/O’Connor) Unanimous.











            2.1      Update on Oracle (Jack Friedlander)


The initial plan was for Spring 2004 implementation, the current plan  is to implement the “Go Live” in Summer/Fall 04. The Oracle project is now a two-phase process.


Phase I - ability to enroll on-line

Phase II - non-essential, non-enrollment items


The Curriculum Committee Chair has already set a submittal deadline for September 4, 2003 for all new courses and distance learning courses for Spring/Summer 04.  The approval deadline is set for October 13, 2003.   


            2.2      Plans for Fall Retreat at the Casa de Maria (Chair)


The all-day retreat is scheduled for August 27, 2003. Our purpose is to have a substantial amount of time to reflect on the purposes and goals for this year’s Academic Senate.  Ideas about the retreat are eagerly solicited!


2.3      Update on policy changes re: Alcohol Policy and Fast Track Evaluations


Alcohol Policy: Former Senate President, Lana Rose and the Health and Wellness Coordinator, Susan Broderick, have met with the President/Superintendent. There is general agreement on the policy the Senate has presented. Implementation of the policy is being worked out, i.e. the education of those that may be serving. 


The HRC chair has agreed to include the recommendations as presented by the Health and Wellness Coordinator and endorsed by the Academic Senate in any future training programs for HRC students.


Since Lana and Susan were not present, we can expect a more thorough report at a later date.


Fast Track Evaluations: This body has recommended a “fast track” evaluation policy for faculty who have a sustained record of positive evaluations.  The Superintendent/President was uncomfortable with the recommendation because the change did not cover non-teaching activity, such as serving as Department Chair.


Our counter argument was that an evaluation of non-teaching activity would apply to all rather than just those eligible for the fast-track evaluation.  The Senate concurred with the idea that an evaluation of non-teaching activity deserved a separate policy, which may be forthcoming from the Superintendent/President and submitted to the Academic Policies Committee for its recommendation.


2.4      Update on new Senate Website


The Academic Senate will be listed under Faculty and Staff. Thus far there is a ‘welcome’ to the site. Suggestions, recommendations, whatever thoughts as to what this site should be like were requested.     



·      Create a space for a Senate newsletter.

·      Date all information.

·      It was also suggested to send out a campus wise email when minutes are posted.


            2.5      Preliminary Meeting Schedule for Fall 2003-Spring 2004 was distributed.


2.6      Other


It has been a difficult week with the passing of our colleague, David Lawyer, Jr.


The Academic Senate expresses its sadness at the loss of Professor David Lawyer Jr., a cherished friend and colleague who has been the source of inspiration for the growth of a college-wide commitment to diversity for over 30 years.  We will miss his intellect, his dedication to his students and colleagues, but most of all, we will miss his smile, his friendship and his readiness to help us all understand how our lives are enriched by moving beyond mere tolerance.




















3.0      ACTION


            3.1      Selection Process for Hiring 7 One-year Contract Faculty


Executive Vice President, Jack Friedlander explained the process for identifying the number of full-time faculty the college is required to have to meet its AB 1725 Full-time Faculty Obligation (FTFO). He informed the Senate that the college needed to hire seven, one-year temporary contract instructors to meet its FTFO for fall 2003 and presented his recommendations for doing so.


In October of each year, the Chancellor’s Office informs the college of the number of its full-time faculty obligation for the following fall semester. This number increased by 8 from 222 in Fall 02 to 230 for Fall 03. The increase is based on funded credit FTES growth and represents approximately two positions for each percentage of growth.


Due to the budget difficulties the Board of Governors has permanently reduced by half the number of new faculty positions community colleges were required to hire in Fall 2003 due to growth that occurred in 2002-2003. This reduced the college’s FTFO by 4 to 226 for Fall 2003. This permanent reduction of four positions is not considered a deferral.


Last fall SBCC determined the number of full-time faculty positions it was required to hire for fall 2003 was 26. This figure included replacement as well as positions resulting from growth. Eight of these positions have been filled which leaves 18. At its July meeting, the Board of Governors for the California Community Colleges granted a one-year deferral for filling four of these positions. Three of the remaining 14 positions are categorically funded (Cottage Health Care Systems) which leaves 11 positions, and reduced by four more because the college decided to count four categorically funded positions toward meeting its FTFO that in past years it chose not to claim. This leaves the college 7 full-time positions short of its required obligation. 


Which positions are to be filled? The starting point was the 10 previously approved but not filled replacement positions due to the budget situation. For a variety of reasons, the Counseling Department (one position), and the Physical Education/Health Education/ Recreation and Athletics Department (two positions) decided to not request that the replacement positions in their areas be filled with temporary contract instructors for the coming year. Each of these departments had made commitments to adjunct instructors that they felt should be honored and each wanted to use the coming year to identify the specific areas they needed the replacement full-time faculty members (one in Counseling and 2 in PE) to cover.


Dr. Friedlander and the senators representing these departments stated that nothing that is decided at today’s Senate meeting should in anyway negatively impact the decision to fill these positions on a permanent basis for the following year (Fall 2004).


The Executive Vice President, Educational Programs recommended that the Senate approve filling the remaining 6 vacant replacement positions plus the position in U.S. History which the Senate had ranked the highest of the new positions it considered. If for some reason, one of the seven positions cannot be filled with a one-year temporary contract, the Senate’s ranking of the new positions will be followed.


There was an appeal for special circumstances from the English department. The request was for the Senate to consider the department’s desire to offer a permanent position as they had completed a national search and interviewed the candidate.


M/S That the Senate endorse English department‘s request to offer a permanent contract position rather than a one-year contract position  (Molloy/Monda) Defeated.


            M/S/C To recommend that the Academic Senate support the recommendation for filling the 6 contract faculty positions as presented by the Executive Vice President and follow the order of its ranking of new faculty positions until the 7th one-year temporary contract. If one of these departments cannot fill its position(s), the Senate’s new position rankings are to be followed (Mahoney/Stockero) Unanimous.



4.0      ADJOURNMENT (Mahoney/O’Connor) Unanimous