Academic Senate Meeting


September 10, 2003

3:00 p.m. - BC214


Present: Barbara Bell, Susan Broderick, Gary Carroll, Jim Chesher, Esther Frankel, Jack Friedlander, Michelle Fulton, Tom Garey, Peter Haslund (Chair), Tom Mahoney, Kim Monda, Kathy O’Connor, Peter Rojas, Lana Rose, Jan Schultz, Sheri Shields, Bob Stockero, Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli.





1.1  Approval of Minutes

            For the 5/14/03 Senate meeting:

Corrections:     3.1 remove the words "interpreted” and “which" from the section.

                                    3.5 delete the word "adjunct" from this section.

M/S/C To approve the 5/14/03 Senate meeting Minutes with correction (Carroll/Broderick) 5 abstentions.


            For the 7/18/03 Senate meeting:

Clarification request: 3.1 reduction vs deferral of positions. EVP will clarify for the record.

M/S/C To approve the 7/18/03 Senate meeting Minutes with correction (Monda/Stockero) 6 abstentions.


1.2  Approval of Agenda - so approved


1.3  Approval of Notes from Retreat dated 8/28/03 - so approved





2.1  Letter to UCSB Academic Senate Chair

Concerning Transfer Academy and other matters of mutual concern.


2.2  Letter from State Academic Senate re: Awards

The "Exemplary Program Award" the "Hayward Award" the "Diversity Award" and the "Laroche Award" were the awards listed in the letter. The timeline for nominations was also included.


2.3  Schedule for Fall Meetings

Comment: Faculty hearings/rankings are not on the Schedule.

Recommendation:  Senators should keep their Wednesdays in November open for the hearing/ranking meetings. Expectation for next year: a minimum of 11 positions.




This section will be reserved for short, substantive reports from Senate Liaison representatives.  Please let me know if you would like to be placed on the agenda.


3.1  President’s Report: 

·               Meeting with Committee Chairs – This was a very productive meeting where mutual expectations were discussed. Chairs were encouraged to actively participate in the development of the Senate agenda.

·               Roberts’ Rule’s (brief version) were handed out and reviewed.

·               The Senate Liaisons and their expectation was not discussed at this time.

·               Copy of a letter for exemplary service with regard to Jody Millward's service as Chair of the "Two-Year College English Association" from the Executive Director was distributed.


The EVP noted that when someone commits to serving at the state or national level they should discuss this beforehand with the EVP and their dean if they wish to receive financial assistance towards travel, etc. so that an agreement/arrangement may be reached for compensation or reimbursement of expenses.


·               Suggestion was made to change the Bylaws of the Constitution to reflect the current practice of the Senate President remaining in office until Commencement is over and not at the last Spring Senate meeting as stated.

·               A summary of Actions/Motions the Senate took over the past year was handed out.

·               Photos of Senators will be posted on the web and outside the Senate Office.

·               What is a "load" was asked at Steering because of the assertion that a number of faculty are teaching beyond their load (21 TLUs or more) – at present the policy is not being enforced in a uniform manner.


3.2  EVP Report: 

Enrollment is up 5.73% from last fall. The number of students enrolled in 12 or more units is up 9.4% or 535 more full time students. The largest increase is those students enrolled in 2-6 units and is up 12%. There are 6,218 full time students. Once the drop date has passed the numbers will be reviewed again.


Funding growth figures: At the state level growth funding was cut in half (3% to 1.5%) SBCC’s growth cap has been reduced to 1.67%. Projected Basic Skills funding and growth funding will enable the college to receive funding for 2.34% growth in FTES for 2003-04.


At a statewide Chancellor’s Office sponsored budget workshop, it was announced that SBCC was one of 2 California community colleges that did not lay off staff.  


The EVP suggested future discussion items and issues for the Senate:

·               Review of the Academic Progress Probation and Disqualification policy. The suggestion is to change it in a way that the college could be more proactive prior to the time students are placed on academic progress probation. 


·               The conditions when banked TLU can be used to balance an underload.


·               Whether or not to invite new requests for new and replacement faculty positions for Fall 2004.


3.3  Professional Development Report:  How are we doing?

Many have reported that the process is working very well. The adjunct faculty obligation in the non-teaching area and how that is computed is still being worked out.  Although plans may be revised, Faculty needs to have their preliminary Professional Development Plan in by the 4th week of the semester.


How to contact all adjunct faculty and provide them with necessary information about their Professional Development obligations was a concern.


·Announcement: regarding the Adjunct Senate Representative position and up coming election. The deadline for statements from adjunct faculty interested in being the Senate Representative are due Friday, September 12, 2003.




            For future meeting topic: Difficulty of scheduling committees with the new calendar





5.1  Appointments:


Vice-President, Gary Carroll

Academic Policies Liaison, Jim Chesher

Faculty Development Liaison, Peter Rojas

Curriculum and Instructional Policies Liaison, Kathy O’Connor

Planning and Resources Liaison, Jan Schultz

CPC Senate Rep, Tom Garey

CPC At-Large Rep., Esther Frankel


Senate Committee Chairs:

Academic Policies, Kathy Molloy

Committee on Teaching and Learning, Patricia Chavez-Nunez

Curriculum Advisory, Kathy O’Connor

Faculty Enrichment, Sharareh Masooman

Faculty Recognition, Mary Lawson

Instructional Technology, Laurie Vasquez

Planning and Resources, Co-Chairs, Judy Meyer and Karolyn Hanna

Sabbatical Leave Committee, Mary Gibson


M/S/C To approve appointments of Liaisons, Senate Committee Chairs, Senate Vice-President, et cetera (Rose/Garey) Unanimous



5.2  Master Teacher Evaluation:  This item involves a name change of a recommendation we have already forwarded to Superintendent/President Romo.  The intent of this change is to clarify who may be eligible for this form of evaluation.


The discussion that followed suggested clarification of a number of items including: 

·               Define peer as someone in your discipline or colleague?

·               Who is the "committee" when a dissatisfactory evaluation occurs and you are directed to consult with dean and "committee"?

·               Reference to 13 years as previously presented in the 5/14/03 Agenda.

·               A.P. needs to put it into policy language and format and add it to Appendix E in the District Policy Manual. 

·               Specify in the procedure that it is "student" survey.


By not taking action this will not be ready for the next Board meeting and may not apply to current faculty members.

·               All previously approved information will be gathered and brought forward to Steering/and next Senate meeting.


M/S     To approve Master Teacher Evaluation Procedure (Garey/Carroll) 


M/S/C Table all current motions regarding item 5.2 (Carroll/Rose) 1 nay 2 abstentions


5.3  Academic Freedom:  Proposed policy is being returned for discussion and action.


To include: (page 20 of current Agenda, paragraph 5, first line) after classroom "and/or other teaching environments"


M/S/C Adopt the proposed Academic Freedom policy and change (see above), which replaces District Policy #2520. (Garey/Broderick) Unanimous.