Academic Senate


Supplementary Meeting

October 29, 2003

3:00 p.m. - BC214



Members Present: Barbara Bell, Susan Broderick, Gary Carroll, Jim Chesher, Esther Frankel, Jack Friedlander, Michelle Fulton, Tom Garey, Peter Haslund (Chair), Tom Mahoney, Kim Monda, Kathy O¹Connor, Peter Rojas, Lana Rose, Jan Schultz, Sheri Shields, Bob Stockero, Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli.



1.0       CALL TO ORDER


            1.1       Approval of Minutes

With corrections: Margaret Eejima (sp); replaced wingdings with bullets; item 3.4 second paragraph deleted third sentence from end and last sentence; added Kim Monda to members present.


M/S/C Move to approve Academic Senate meeting Minutes of 10/22/03 (Chesher/Bell)



2.0       DISCUSSION


2.1       College Plan Review

The Deans and EVP looked at which of the goals/objectives are important and would not be achieved without additional resources. The discussion centered on the College Plan and on those components that are not going to be achieved unless they are funded to approximately the recommended extent.

·      Objective¹s 1, 7, 9, 14, 44 and Goal 2 were identified as those components of the College Plan that would need additional funding.


o      Goal 2: Expand Transfer Academy beyond UCSB.

o      Objectives 1, 7, 9: Additional Gateway to Success courses and make ALEKS available to Math 4 and Math 100 students.

o      Objective 14: Provide more funds for student hourly employees (keep them on campus)

o      Objective 44: Restore travel and conference and sabbatical leaves.


The focus of these programs is the extent to which they merit further financial consideration as part of next year¹s college plan, rather than the plan itself.



3.0       ACTION


3.1       Proposed policy change to allow for the use of banked TLUs to support an intentional underload.


M/S/C To approve as action item for next (10/29/03) agenda (Garey/Schultz)


Request was made for additional formatting and cleanup of the policy. Clean formatted copy to be brought back


M/S/C To approve Item 3.1, the use of banked TLUs to support an intentional underload (Bell/Mahoney).


3.2       Proposed policy about hiring Adjunct Faculty as substitute teachers.

Second sentence of #1416 strikeout copy is missing and no comparable language is included in the new language. The sentence ³Prior to employment of any temporary faculty over 60 percent, express authorization to do so must be obtained from the Executive Vice President² shall be included as the first sentence in the new #1416 policy.


M/S/C To approve the new #1416 policy with recommended changes  (Rose/Chesher).


3.3       Recommendation from the Faculty Recognition Committee selecting the Gateway to Success Program as our nomination for the 2003-2004 Exemplary Program Award.


M/S/C To approve the nomination of the ³Gateway to Success Program² for the Exemplary Program Award (Garey/Fulton).


3.4       Bylaws modification.

With recommendations for additional adjustments to: 1) Group A-C rotation menu, and 2) notating that elections are to be held in the spring.


M/S/C To approve the recommended Academic Senate Bylaws modifications (Carroll/Zuniga-Lomeli).



4.0       REPORT


4.1       Kathy O¹Connor explained the voting process.


After the faculty new/replacement presentations each position receives a vote of 1, 2 or 3 depending on the highest priority = 1, medium priority = 2, and lower priority = 3.  Each blank (position) needs a number. Once the voting process takes place there should be a total of 18 positions to be ranked with 6 of the positions receiving a high priority (1), 6 positions receiving a medium priority (2) and 6 positions receiving a low priority (3).


The agreed upon order of presentations: Per Department and 10 minutes for each position requested.  Prior to voting (November 19) the EVP will give his recommendation as well as the Deans recommendations.