Academic Senate


November 10, 2004

3:00 p.m. - BC214


Members Present: Blake Barron, Barbara Bell, Susan Broderick, Jim Chesher, Esther Frankel, Jack Friedlander, Tom Garey, Peter Haslund (Chair), Mary Lawson, Tom Mahoney, Petra Malinova, Kathy Molloy, Kim Monda, Elida Moreno, Kathy O¹Connor, Peter Rojas, Jan Schultz, Sheri Shields, Laura Welby

Guests: Dina Castillo, Tracy Chamberlin, The Channels, Stephen DaVega, Erika Endrijonas, Diane Hollems, Anne Marie Kopeikin, Nathan Kreitzer, Fred Marschak, Shari Masooman, Art Olguin, Marilynn Spaventa, Jack Ullum, Sue Willner, Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli




1.0          CALL TO ORDER


1.1                Approval of Minutes – November 3, 2004

M/S/C To approve the Minutes of the Academic Senate, 11/3/04 (Garey/Chesher)


1.2                Approval of the Agenda – the Agenda was approved



2.0                INFORMATION (Announcements, Communications)


2.1                From the Board of Governors: SBCC¹s full-time faculty obligation will be to hire10 new faculty.

2.2                The Senate President thanked Jan Schultz for her superb job as acting Senate President.

2.3                Which Way? – status report on the AFT and IA Dialog (handout)

The purpose is to bring the two sides together for the purpose of having a dialog or a series of dialogs to help instruct the vote for the ultimate union question. The Garvin Theatre will be available Tuesday, November 23 at 12:30 and tentatively on Wednesday, November 17.



3.0                HEARINGS/DISCUSSION



4.0          ACTION


4.1          College Calendar, 2005-06

M/S/C Approval of the calendar with Spring Break: April 3-8 and President¹s Day holiday: February 17-20 (Molloy/Bell) Unanimous


4.2          Scheduling of classes/room utilization (J. Friedlander)

The EVP commented that the tremendous amount of dialog with various divisions was very constructive and has resulted in a better proposal. He expressed his appreciation and everyone¹s spirit in creating a productive environment towards problem solving and felt that the process could not have been more productive.  


Discussion focused on some of the changes to the Scheduling Block that evolved from the discussions with the departments. There were some concerns about the schedule that were also shared and it was determined that although the new template is not perfect, it is a start and can be adjusted accordingly once the chairs begin to work with it.


M/S/C To approve the Scheduling Block Template for the 16 week calendar (O¹Connor/Schultz) 3 abstentions





                  5.1          Sample Ranking Ballot

Ms. O¹Connor explained that there are 20 positions to be ranked and each Senator assigns a 1, 2 or 3 next to each position. There will be a total of seven 1¹s and seven 2¹s and six 3¹s on the first ballot each Senator casts. Additional votes will be taken if needed once the voting begins and the number of 1¹s, 2¹s, and 3¹s will be adjusted accordingly. Ballots will be provided at the next meeting.


5.2          New Faculty Positions

The new faculty hearings were concluded with the presentation of the following requests.





DaVega (see  pgs 10-12  / Nov 3)



Earth Science

Marschak/Schultz (pgs 126-129 )




Willner (pgs 130-134)



Mathematics (2 positions)

Masooman (pgs 136-139)




Kreitzer (pgs 140-147)

4:10 p.m.



White (pgs 148-153)

4:20 p.m.


Professional Development Studies

Hollems (pgs 154-159)

4:30 p.m.


Psychology (2 positions)

Olguin (pgs 160-171)

4:40 p.m.


School of Modern Languages-Spanish

Castillo (pgs 172-176)



Vocational Nursing

Kopeikin (pgs 178-193)



6.0          ADJOURNMENT