Academic Senate


February 25, 2004

3:00 p.m. - BC214



Members Present: Barbara Bell, Susan Broderick, Gary Carroll, Jim Chesher, Esther Frankel, Jack Friedlander, Michelle Fulton, Peter Haslund (Chair), Tom Mahoney, Kim Monda, Kathy OíConnor, Peter Rojas, Lana Rose, Jan Schultz, Sheri Shields, Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli.

Member(s) Absent: Tom Garey, Bob Stockero

Guest(s): Mangai Pitchai, The Channels







1.1        Approval of the Minutes

w/ L. Rose added to "Members Present" roster.


M/S/C To approve the Minutes of the Academic Senate, 2/11/04 (Carroll/Zuniga-Lomeli) Unanimous


1.2       Approval of the Agenda ñ the Agenda was approved



INFORMATION  (Announcements, Communications)



2.1        In-service notes are now on the web.

Conveners of In-service breakout sessions have now summarized the discussions, all of which are now posted on the college website.

then click ìHot Topicsî from the left hand column.


2.2        The School of Modern Languages, formerly Department of Foreign Languages, will host a reception to launch its new identity on Saturday, February 28 at 4:30 PM in the Campus Center. A part of the ceremony will be set aside to remember a dear colleague, Professor Francisco Moreno Santacruz (1938-2003). A scholarship fund amounting to nearly $20,000 has been generated in his honor. All are invited.






3.1       Macro Issues Dialog Continued.  A column "Senate Recommendations" has been added to the grid. This column contains the recommendations suggested at the previous meeting and information from this meeting. Discussion continued with V. b. through V. g. of the core issues. At the next Steering and Senate meetings discussion will continue with item VI. a. See attached grid.


3.2       Smoking Policy:  This item was introduced at our last meeting with attached copy of existing policy.


A handout of the proposed policy was distributed along with a map of proposed smoking areas from a member of the sub committee working on the issue. CPC has also discussed the proposed policy.


Current state law bans smoking within 20 ft. of any public building or operative window.  The concern with a part of the law is that any time you have an opening to a building you will need a sign posted. Therefore, designated smoking areas were suggested.


Discussion: Insert the word "commercially" as a modifier for "distributed" in the suggested policy language. "Smokeless tobacco users" -- how would those using it in their offices affect anyone? There is a smokeless tobacco ban currently in the Athletic Dept. and applies to all facilities in any teaching environment. Proposed policy should include the statement "any instructional facility".


Enforcement would be mainly voluntary.


To be returned as an action item at the next Senate meeting






4.1           Final review of policy recommendations regarding banked TLUís (pgs 13-15)


Policy #1914 ìUnderloads and Overloads (Unbalanced Loads)î

Agreed by unanimous consent to bring the final cleaned up version back ...

Clarification needed on banking overload options statement: ìit can be paid to the instructor at his or her requestî. The understanding is that banked overloads can only be paid out at the termination of employment.


In section number 1914.1 Summer Overloads change the word ìunitsî to TLUs.


M/S/C To approve the cleaned-up version of Policy #1914 (Garey/Frankel) Unanimous.


M/S/C To approve #1914 final version as presented 2-25-04 (OíConnor/Carroll) Unanimous






5.1        Presidentís Report

1.         Peter reported on his meeting with UCSB counterpart Walter Yuen and EVP Jack Friedlander.  Conversation aimed at exploring consequences of a likely UC reduction of the number of incoming first year students and on engaging UCSB faculty in assuring that our students have a smooth transition to UCSB.  Similar conversations are planned with counterparts at Cal Poly, SLO, Cal State, Channel Islands, Northridge, LA, and Long Beach.

2.         At the suggestion of Peter Naylor, President of the Instructorsí Association, there will be regular meetings between the IA and Senate leadership.


5.2       Executive Vice President:  Update Bond Measure and Budget

Chancellorís office: rather than focusing on several issues with respect to the Governorís budget proposals the suggestion is to focus on key critical issues where the system is in agreement.

1.         An issue of equalization ñ rather than focus on how the budget is to be distributed; accept the distribution and focus on the details later

2.         $26 per unit fee increase: no support to back off increasing fee - the system will not challenge the per unit increase. The challenge will be the $50 per unit fee for those with baccalaureate degrees.

3.         Inadequate funding for growth ñ with the increase in prospective attendees at CCís and 10% cuts for UC and CSUs freshmen and no expansion of seats and limited Cal grants, many students previously headed for private schools are going to community colleges. The system is proposing a greater amount of funding to go towards CCís because existing students may be displaced.

4.         Prop 98 funds ñ getting community collegesí fair share of the funds. System to monitor any adjustments taking place.

5.         Legislation being introduced to abolish the Chancellorís office as we know it and reestablishing it as a coordinating agency operating  much like a community college allowing for a more streamlined method of operation.


5.3        Report from Planning and Resources Liaison

            Planning and Resources report (pgs 16-17)

            Principles previously adopted (pgs 18-19)

            Assumptions (pg 20)

During fall the college was facing severe budgetary issues. After review of many documents from various colleges, P&R crafted a set of criteria to be used in the event program cuts/reductions are required. Pages16 and 17 list these criteria, and are to be used in combination with the previously adopted Principles and assumptions found on pages 18 -20.


5.4        Report from Academic Policies Liaison

The committee had questions concerning college/committee and alternative college/committee service policies such as: Tracking, informing, reinforcing, evaluation procedures, informing department chairs, etc. How to establish guidelines/policies to develop steps to be taken such as: How are absences on committees printed up: Excused absences, Present and Absent. How many absences unexcused are negligible and what to do after that. These are some of the issues AP will be working on.


5.5        Report from Liaison to ITC, CAC and Matriculation Committee



Will be bringing Web Policy to Wednesdayís Steering with cover sheet to bring forward at the next Senate meeting.


ITC is also developing an outline of the Instructional Technology Plan to take to DTC and the Senate.



EVP will meet with the Curriculum Committee and discuss learning outcomes issue and the role of CAC in this process.


Information Competency and computer literacy requirements will be reviewed.


Articulation of Online classes is becoming an issue for discussion at the state level. ñ Kathy OíConnor will write a resolution to be discuss at the Spring Session of the State Academic Senate. This resolution will present ways in which Community Colleges can assure articulation of our Distance Courses.


Prerequisite/co-requisite decisions must be made this semester: The Chair is working with Institutional Research office to get clean and accurate data to give to all departments for review and possible revision.


Matriculation Committee

The new budget proposals will require that matriculation funds be rolled into the general fund.  There may be a proposal from the committee to create a separate cost center for matriculation funding with a recommendation that allocations are to remain with the Matriculation Committee.



ADJOURN -- The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.


Next meeting March 10, 2004.