Academic Senate


April 14, 2004

3:00 p.m. - BC214


Members Present: Barbara Bell, Susan Broderick, Jim Chesher, Esther Frankel, Jack Friedlander, Michelle Fulton, Tom Garey, Peter Haslund (Chair), Tom Mahoney, Kim Monda, Kathy O¹Connor, Peter Rojas, Lana Rose, Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli.


Members Absent: Gary Carroll, Jan Schultz, Sheri Shields, Bob Stockero


Guests: Sean Jacobson, California Student Sustainability Coalition, Keith McLellan, Peter Naylor, Art Olquin, John Romo, Mangai Pitchai, The Channels



1.0                CALL TO ORDER


1.1                Approval of Minutes (pgs 2-3)

w/ corrections

M/S/C To approve the Minutes of the Academic Senate, 4/7/04 (Garey/Broderick)



1.2                Approval of the Agenda ­ the Agenda was approved



2.0                INFORMATION  (Announcements, Communications)


2.1                Shawn Jacobson of the California Student Sustainability Coalition at SBCC provided a brief overview of the organization that is also part of a larger UC/CSU affiliation.  The goal of the student organization is to create campus wide awareness and facilitate the implementation of creative and practical ideas towards achieving a more sustainable community.



3.0                HEARING/DISCUSSION


3.1                Organization and Budget:

John Romo announced that he plans to look at the administrative management and organization structure of the District. The revenue neutral study will look at where resources should be allocated and where a change in organization may be forthcoming. There are still budget challenges and a continuing need to do everything in the most cost effective manner. Mr. Romo emphasized that this study is not a redesign or a reclassification; it is a study that he is initiating. Mr. Romo then asked the Senators to forward all manner of suggestions to him. Mr. Romo also plans on asking the administrative staff, the I. A. and CSEA, etc., for their advice where changes may be warranted. Everything that is received will be viewed on a case-by-case basis.


How to implement this request? The Senators were asked to be a filter when requesting suggestions and ideas from within their divisions and then forward them to Mr. Romo.




Update on OSS:

The first module of the OSS system is working very well.  We¹ll need to look at the new area and see who will be doing what with the new tools. 


Update on Budget:

The revenues are coming in as projected - off by only 1%. Great news; however, we continue to be fiscally challenged. At this time the Governor¹s budget contains an allowance of 3% growth and 1.8% COLA and still has $58million remaining in equalization funds.


Costs are going up faster than new revenue coming in. As it stands right now SBCC¹s budget is 1.7 million out of balance. There are still many challenges ahead.


3.2                Faculty Professional Development Policy #4560:

Lana Rose stated that the purpose of the proposed changes is to bring the policy up to date. Minor clarifications were suggested. The policy will return as an Action item on the next Senate Agenda.   


3.3                Matriculation Committee Proposal: w/ handout

Keith McLellan informed everyone that the Matriculation Committee is proposing a change to the ³Matriculation Exemption Policy².  The proposal would be to not exempt students who have a ³transfer goal² of going to a four-year institution from orientation, assessment, advising and follow-ups.

Mr. McLellan explained that there is a range of educational goals available to students when applying. Many first-time students check the ³transfer goal² and plan to transfer, however, due to the educational goal that was chosen, the student becomes exempt from going through orientation, assessment and advising. Based on research under current policy it is the observation of the Counseling Department and Transfer Center that these students are not well served by being exempt from the matriculation process. The proposed policy would go into effect for Spring 2005 enrollment.


Changing the current policy would affect approximately 800 students in a more proactive and beneficial way.


3.4                Committee Chairs Meeting:  April 23, 1 pm, Faculty Reading Room, Library

It was announced that the Academic Senate Committee Chairs will be meeting with the Academic Senate President Friday, April 23 at 1 p.m. in the Library.

The meeting will focus on looking at what committees do and what kind of committee structure is needed towards achieving those goals.


3.5                Sabbatical Leave Committee ­ Remaining Sabbatical Leave Reports

The remaining Sabbatical Leave Reports have been submitted. A vote for approval of the Sabbatical Leave Reports will held at the next Senate meeting.


Sabbatical Leave Reports received from:

                  Mary Weimann               Communications

                  Jane Metiu                           Nursing

                  Oscar Zavala                     Counseling

Pamela Zwehl-Burke   Art


3.6                Smoke-Free Workplace Policy #2510 and Campus Signage Requirements:

The matter was brought up at the College Planning Council and some questions arose as to: If we voted in favor of the option selected by the Academic Senate would we still be required to post signs at every entrance and exit where the smoking area is located.


EVP ­ the discussion at CPC focused on what would our obligation be if we chose the designated smoking areas (DSA) option.  Would we still need to post signs at all entrances and exits? The VP of Business Services responded with:       ³ Š the only signage that would be required is voluntary and would be for promoting compliance with the law.²


Enforcement is another issue with the #2510 Smoke-Free Workplace Policy.

We will work within our existing policies and go with a more educational approach. Some language suggestions were made.



EVP suggested forming an AD Hoc workgroup before the next CPC meeting of 4-27-04 and identify where the proposed designated smoking areas would be so that CPC can make an informed decision. A map with potential DSA¹s to be circulated before a vote is taken. Susan Broderick and Tom Garey are to be part of the AD Hoc workgroup.



4.0               ACTION



5.0                REPORTS


5.1                EVP and Student Learning Outcomes:

After attending a very positive workshop in Bakersfield on Student Learning Outcomes, Jack Friedlander stated that it had such an energizing affect on him that he has decided to invite the presenters to SBCC for the preliminary workshop on SLOs to be held here during the first week in June. After experiencing the process first hand the EVP felt that, what once seemed a daunting task, should only take about a day and a half to accomplish. He plans to extended an invitation to all SBCC faculty to attend. The SLO process will be kicked off officially during the Fall 04 inservice/flex days and will be revisited often over the next few semesters.




5.2                President:


5.2.1         May 5 meeting with the Board of Trustees:

The reception / meeting has been scheduled with the Board of Trustees for the afternoon of May 5 in lieu of the Steering meeting. The meeting will be from 3-4:30 in the Gourmet Dining Room. The meeting will comprise of informal dialog among the attendees with a short presentation from Presidents John Romo and Peter Haslund.



5.2.2         Isla Vista Action Working Group

Peter Haslund suggested that anyone interested in the IV Action Work Group is invited to attend. Those that are interested should let him know. The meetings are every Tuesday.

An alarming bit of information that came out of the town meeting last Tuesday evening was the perception that SBCC students have contributed greatly to the violence that is occurring in the Isla Vista community.


5.2.3         Proxy Voting

According to Robert¹s Rules proxy voting is not permitted. If you are not present to hear the arguments, how can you vote? Every edition and version of Robert¹s Rules states that proxy voting is not permitted - one person, one vote.


Also, the chair/moderator is not permitted to debate any agenda item or issue. That does not mean the moderator/chair has no opinion or feelings about what is being presented.  Robert¹s Rules again has directives pertaining to how a moderator/chair conducts a meeting.


The Senate Constitution requires that Robert¹s Rules be followed and that the Senate must abide by them. Lack of knowledge of those rules is not an excuse to nullify the rules.


5.3                Elections Committee:  Lana Rose

A potential candidate would like to have a few more days to make a decision whether to run or not. The election will be delayed until Monday 4/19/04.


5.4                P&R: 16 week semester ­ a beta/test survey is being developed by Andreea Serban and will be given by the members of the Planning and Resources committee to their students. They are also asking if any Senator would also like to volunteer to give this survey to their students. It was the EVP¹s understanding that this would wait until the fall. The length and time and content of the survey are still to be discussed.


5.5                Jim Chesher reported that AP is working on a job description / mission statement.



6.0                ADJOURN ­ the meeting was adjourned 5:10 pm



Next meeting scheduled for April 28, 2004.