Academic Senate


April 28, 2004

3:00 p.m. - BC214


Members Present: Barbara Bell, Susan Broderick, Gary Carroll, Jim Chesher, Esther Frankel, Jack Friedlander, Michelle Fulton, Tom Garey, Peter Haslund (Chair), Tom Mahoney, Kim Monda, Kathy OıConnor, Peter Rojas, Lana Rose, Jan Schultz, Sheri Shields, Bob Stockero, Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli.


Guests: Mark Ferrer, Keith McLellan, Peter Naylor, Mangai Pitchai, The Channels, Laurie Vasquez




1.0                CALL TO ORDER


1.1                Approval of Minutes

M/S/C To approve the Minutes of the Academic Senate, 4/14/04 (Fulton/Mahoney) Unanimous  4 abstentions


1.2                Approval of the Agenda - the Agenda was approved



2.0                INFORMATION  (Announcements, Communications)


2.1                Status of smoking policy

The Designated Smoking Areas proposal passed and will be effective Fall 04 - amid opposition from classified staff and students for DSAıs. This now makes SBCC an implicit ³No Smoking Campus². A committee was assigned to determine where the Designated Smoking Areas will be and to bring their determinations back to CPC before finalization.


2.2                A reminder to everyone that the Instructorıs Association party will be this Friday, April 30, 2004. 


2.3                The next meeting of the Academic Senate will be May 5 in the Gourmet Dining Room with the Board of Trustees. The purpose of the special meeting is to have an informal dialog between the Board of Trustees and the Academic Senate.



3.0                HEARING/DISCUSSION


3.1                Contract Instructional Faculty Job Description

Ms. L. Rose has reviewed and updated the faculty job description. There were several reasons this needed to be accomplished:  1) HR needs a current up-to-date description on file 2) Workerıs Comp needs a faculty job description on file for review before a claimant can return to work 3) Faculty Development - to determine regular faculty duty versus professional development and 4) For new faculty - to have available at orientation.  



Several suggestions and recommendations and explanations were made regarding language and content. Is there a category of activity that is required or expected as faculty member and not contained in this document?


P. Naylor reminded everyone that this document is important because it affects the faculty contract. Faculty members need to know what their responsibilities are and if /when they are evaluated against those responsibilities. Mr. Naylor suggested that the document be forwarded to Human Resources and await response. He noted that there is also no reference to state education code that faculty needs to act in conformance with and faculty also need to be consistent with SBCC District Policies. Mr. Naylor also reminded the Senate that different departments and divisions have different responsibilities and creating a generic job description would be more reasonable with departments augmenting their own unique requirements and after approvals have been made. He noted that there is only one item in the current description that mentions knowledge of subject and none address training or professional development.


T. Garey felt that individual job descriptions can be a guide; however the Senate has no jurisdiction over a departmentıs professional disciplinary decision within the department as to specific job requirements as long as the general guidelines such as ed code and district policies are being followed.


EVP ­ would just like it conveyed somehow that when the job is announced and the description goes out that the applicant, once hired, will also be held accountable for what is contained therein.


The intent was for an Instructional Job Description. The plan is to then take the elements that were germane and create a Non Teaching Faculty Job Description.


Process: To appoint a subcommittee (Jack, Jan, Tom, Lana and someone from I.A.) to respond to the comments and questions raised during this phase.


3.2                Student Equity Plan

The EVP reported that over a decade ago the Chancellorıs Office and the State Academic Senate developed a Student Equity Plan. The intent was to ensure that colleges were doing everything they could to ensure that all groups being served by the college were achieving comparable levels with respect to access, course completion rates, transfer rates, etc. It is being recommended once again that all colleges have such a plan for measuring the achievement of equity in the designated areas and the deadline is early Spring 05.


The Process: To form an Educational Programs workgroup over the summer to review the plan and make recommendations/updates.


3.3                Interim Reorganization of Educational Programsı Technology Support and Faculty Professional Development areas ­ Agenda item was moved from Reports 5.2.3

The EVP handed out paperwork pertaining to the reorganization. He explained that the new reorganization came about because Dean Gallegosı position will not be filled for the next year. In the interim the duties of the position have been dispersed among Deans Endrijonas, Spaventa and Ullom. The reorganization is an opportunity to experiment for a year and determine the most effective approach to providing for students and faculty. Other individuals affected by this reorganization are Mark Ferrer, Co-Director of FRC and Director of Faculty Professional Development, David Wong, Co-Director of FRC and Director of Online College, Dan Watkins, Director of Student Technology Support and as liaison between Educational Programs and IRD, Michelle Rasch will report to Marilynn Spaventa and provide support for the FRC, Online College and the Scheduling Office.


The EVP will know more after the Fall 04 semester and will be able to make a more informed recommendation in Spring 05.



4.0                ACTION


4.01       Faculty Lecturer Nominee

The Faculty Lecturer Committee by unanimous vote has announced that the Faculty Lecturer for 2005 will be Peter Georgakis.


M/S/C To affirm the Faculty Lecturer Committee selection, Peter Georgakis (Carroll/Chesher) Unanimous


4.1                Sabbatical Leave Reports 

Reports have been received from Jane Metiu, Mary Weimann Oscar Zavala and Pamela Zwehl-Burke.


M/S/C Move to approve the Sabbatical Leave Reports (Rose/Chesher) Unanimous


4.2                Matriculation Policy


M/S/C To approve the Matriculation Policy contingent upon the ability to implement the policy with the new OSS (OıConnor/Bell) Unanimous


4.3                Faculty Professional Development

Clarification needed on Item F ­ reduction of pay: at what dollar amount (hourly/base pay) and at which rate (lab/lecture) and whole or partial hours deducted? To be brought back at the next meeting.


M/S To approve #4560 Faculty Professional Development (Rose/Garey)

M/S/C To delay the motion on the floor (Garey/Carroll) Unanimous



5.0                REPORTS


5.1                Presidentıs Report

5.1.1         Fridayıs Committee Chairs Meeting

The President reported that this was the second successful meeting with the Academic Senate Committee Chairs and/or their representatives. There was a brief assessment of what each committee had been working on during the year. There was discussion about where there may be overlaps and where there is no coverage. The President is planning on doing some work over the summer on the committee structure. For example the ethics issue was turned down by the Scholastic Standards committee and needs a committee. The plan will be to bring recommendations to the Senate this fall.


Information item: Michael Josephsons founder of the non-profit organization Character Counts will be interviewed on ABC Thursday night. There are several schools in the Santa Barbara District that are based on this concept - a sense of ethics and values ­ and part of a nationwide curriculum project.


5.1.2         Ongoing process in Isla Vista

The President reported briefly on the ongoing Isla Vista Action/Working group. The main goal at this time is to try and understand what is going on and why are these things happening. For example PG&E was contacted after a workgroup member went through Isla Vista on bicycle one evening, and counted 55 street lamps out of order. Mr. Haslund remarked that every Monday, he receives a police report and the number of incidents is surprising. A weekly incident chart was handed out indicating the proportion of students attending SBCC, UCSB and others that received citations or were arrested in Isla Vista.


It is important for SBCC to continue to participate in this workgroup and be seen as part of the solution not just the problem as in the past.



5.2                EVP Report

5.2.1         Academically Under Prepared Student Study Group:  June 7, 8, 9 9:00 a.m. to noon

Mr. Friedlander is planning on sending out detailed information to Department Chairs and the appropriate individuals from their division are encouraged to attend. This workgroup will help shape the direction the college will be moving towards the academically under prepared student.  


5.2.2         SLO Workshops: June 1 and 2 from 9:00 a.m. to noon

The EVP reported that he would like at least one member from each department to participate in the workshop. Those that attend may become trainers for their departments. The morning session is the workshop that will focus on the SLOıs for Senators/Division Reps and meet with the Bakersfield faculty to review their methodology on Student Learning Outcomeıs and what they have learned, good and bad, from the process. This may be possible to accomplish in one day however a second day has been set aside in the event it is needed.


5.2.3         Interim Reorganization of Educational Programsı Technology Support and Faculty Professional Development areas ­ This agenda item was moved to the Hearing section and is now Item 3.3.



5.3                Senate Committee Reports

5.3.1         P&R Beta Test Survey instrument

Jan Schultz clarified any misunderstanding the ³Alternative Calendar Survey of Studentsı may have caused. The test survey was sent to Academic Senators and P&R faculty and administered in the class of their choice. It is a small sampling to work out any bugs for a more comprehensive college-wide survey in the fall. The timing is important because the students that have experienced both the 18 and 16 week calendar are still around. 



5.3.2         State Academic Senate Meeting

Gary Carroll attended the State Academic Spring Plenary Session and went to a workshop on Student Learning Outcomes. The attendees were told that the process is not something that can be rushed and accomplished in a year. It will be a very long process, possibly years. They were told that the focus should be on student learning and teaching and faculty will be given a template upon which to build.

Ms. OıConnor also attended and handed out additional conference information. The proposed SB 1315 Academic Bill of Rights is something Senators should be alerted to. It has caused many problems in other states where this has passed. This bill has been referred to the State Education Committee. (also see SBCC Academic Senate 2-11-04 Information item ³is this a problem²)               

5.3.3         Curriculum Report

Ms. OıConnor announced that the Spring 05 Curriculum deadline is August 27, 2004.

5.3.4         Election Committee Report

Ms. Rose announced, amid great applause, the Academic Senate President election results. The new Academic Senate President-elect is Kathy Molloy.


Ms. Rose announced that the following Senators are up for Division elections:

                                    English ­ Barbara Bell

                                    ESL/Foreign Language ­ Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli

                                    Health Technologies/Human Services ­ Sheri Shields

                                    Technologies ­ Bob Stockero

                                    Sciences ­ Gary Carroll             


                  The deadline for the Division Senator election is May 7.



6.0                ADJOURN


Next meeting scheduled for May 5, 2004 ­ ³Special Senate Meeting² in Gourmet Dining Room