Academic Senate


May 12, 2004

3:00 p.m. – Off Campus


Members Present: Susan Broderick, Gary Carroll, Jim Chesher, Esther Frankel, Jack Friedlander, Tom Garey, Peter Haslund (Chair), Kim Monda, Kathy OıConnor, Peter Rojas, Lana Rose, Jan Schultz, Sheri Shields, Bob Stockero, Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli.


Members Absent: Barbara Bell, Michelle Fulton, Tom Mahoney


Guests: Mary Lawson, Kathy Molloy, Elida Moreno, Laura Welby


1.0                CALL TO ORDER


1.1                Approval of Minutes:

April 28, 2004 - with recommended corrections.

M/S/C To approve the Minutes of the Academic Senate, 4/28/04

(Garey/Zuniga-Lomeli) Unanimous 

May 5, 2004 (pg 7)

M/S/C To approve the Minutes of the Academic Senate, 5/5/04 (Schultz/Monda) Unanimous 


1.2                Approval of the Agenda - the Agenda was approved


2.0                INFORMATION  (Announcements, Communications)


2.1                Senate Election Results for Division Reps

Congratulations and a big welcome went out to new and returning Senators. A sincere thank you for their service went out to those Senators and Vice Presidents and Past Presidents whose terms have ended.  The outgoing Vice President, Gary Carroll, introduced the new President elect, the newly elected Senators, and the reelected Senators. They are:

·           Laura Welby, Technologies, is replacing Bob Stockero.

·           Kathy Molloy, President elect.

·           Elida Moreno, ESL/School of Modern Languages, is replacing Sonia


·           Mary Lawson, Educational Support, has returned to finish her term.

·           Blake Barron, Sciences, not present, is replacing Gary Carroll.

·           Barbara Bell, English and Sheri Shields, Health Technologies/Human

Services and Susan Broderick, Educational Support, were reelected.


2.2                End of year meeting location – see attached map


2.3           Results of the Spring State Academic Senate Plenary Session (for summer reading)

Gary Carroll reported there were many issues to vote on at the State Academic Session. A contentious issue and where there was much debate was over some of the wording used in the ³whereas² clauses that are used to explain the resolutions. 


Ms. Broderick expressed appreciation for the support the ³Health Service Fee Backfill² had received. The EVP added that the budget (to be released tomorrow) will not show that support, and that  this issue continues to be a persistent problem due to lack of augmentation/backfill.


The proposed Bachelorıs degree differential fee will also remain.


2.4                The sad news of Trish Dupartıs sudden passing from an acute form of Leukemia was announced. A campus wide email about a memorial service will be sent as soon as the details are finalized.


2.5                Added Agenda item: Outside Employment Issue

A request for clarification on the policy and what it states regarding contract faculty and outside employment was made.


Ms. Molloy, chair of the AP committee, informed everyone that the Academic Policies Committee met with representatives from a department involved in a probationary faculty termination.  The Committee in early April detailed its concerns about the overall process followed in these situations and the enforcement of policy involving outside employment.  The issue was shared in Steering but not brought forward to the full Senate.  The following issues were raised: 


·  Outside employment: How is the policy actually interpreted and enforced?


·  Probationary evaluation: What constitutes a satisfactory evaluation?   If everyone has signed off on a satisfactory evaluation, what other criteria are used to determine whether or not someone has successfully completed his/her evaluation?


Doesn't a signature by the dean and V.P. indicate agreement with the evaluation committee's recommendation?   


·  Grievance procedure:  Should those directly involved in the decision making in question be judging their own actions?  Should the grievance procedure be revised to ensure an objective review of the grievance?


AP feels strongly that the policies and procedures used to make employment decisions should be transparent and very clear and would like the letter sent by the Committee distributed to the entire Senate and these issues formally discussed. 


A recommendation was made to take this to Steering and strategize.


3.0                HEARING/DISCUSSION


3.1         Evaluation of 1st Academic Senate/Board of Trustee informal meeting:

 Where to next?


Several on the Senate have dealt with the Board as Academic Senate Presidents and know the Board of Trustees to be genuinely concerned people. For those who do not generally deal with the Board of Trustees it was very positive to hear each Board member state their views and concerns and to know that, although their concerns are different than the Senateıs, they are still student focused. There was an overall positive feeling about having had the opportunity to interact and voice interests, issues and concerns. That it was a worthwhile and satisfactory event, and should be continued, possibly twice a year (fall and spring).


Suggestion for the next meeting: Have substantive issues that both sides feel comfortable discussing. Topics to be selected in advance by the Board and Senate where there is basic agreement and where differences of opinion would be welcome.


Summary: We like the idea of joint meetings, we like substance to the dialog for future meetings but not structured in such a way that there are votes taken, nor do we want to cause confusion about who does what, and that there can be a harmony of interests identified to the two separate groups for useful and substantive dialog.


3.2                Shaping our Senate Future: What are the core issues which each of you feels should be on next yearıs agenda?


·  View the committee structure – how some committees have varying schedules; what type of assignment and charges; meeting days and times; how to address and assign issues where no committee seems to exist.


Goal: to assign four or five individuals over the summer to review the committee structure and make recommendations. Existing Academic Senate Committee chairs should be consulted as resources but not necessarily as part of the organizational review.


·  Tenure Track Faculty Job Description needs attention and a possible subcommittee assigned to the task.


·  Create a way for the college faculty and high school faculty in similar disciplines to connect on a regular basis. Response: This is already being done as a department initiative and help to facilitate is available.


·  Student preparedness issue: Lack of student motivation is also an issue.


·  Update the ³core issuesı grid regularly


·  What constitutes a Load needs to be addressed


4.0                ACTION


4.1                Faculty Professional Development Policy #4560 (pg 39)


Reduction of pay for failure to complete required number of hours and at what rate was questioned. The determined rate will be based on the proportional load of lecture and lab.


M/S/C To approve Policy #4560 Faculty Professional Development (Rose/Garey) Unanimous


4.2                Interim Reorganization of Educational Programsı Technology Support and Faculty Professional Development areas.

Evaluating the interim reorganization was discussed. The reorganization focuses on the role of the FRC and how responsibilities are divided. Because of the major changes it is important that the Senate be involved in the discussions and in the evaluation of the interim reorganization. Early input is important if the administration intends to hire a dean.


M/S/C To endorse the proposed interim reorganization for a one year term and, with Senate participation, to evaluate the interim reorganization by late fall/early spring (OıConnor/Rose) Unanimous


5.0                REPORTS


5.1                Presidentıs Report

5.1.1         Recommendation: Jan Schultz for Senate V.P.

M/S/C To nominate and appoint Jan Schultz as Vice President of the Academic Senate for fall 04/spring05 (Garey/Chesher) 2 abstentions

5.1.2         Senate Retreat – August 25 – location to be determined:

Please put this date on your calendar. The Casa de Maria was not available and a search is underway for a new location.

5.1.3         Summer Senate Session, BC 214 – time, day & date to be determined:

There was discussion about the date of the summer Senate and possibly overlapping the Senate meeting with the ³Under Prepared Student Workshop² and any necessary Senate business would be also taken care of during this combined workshop/meeting.  

5.1.4         On emceeing the Red and White Banquet:

The Senate President stated: Seeing the students receive their awards and beaming about their accomplishments was wonderful. The number of participants at the event was record setting and according to comments, many felt that although the event may have been long, the time was meaningful and well spent.

5.1.5     Summer Studies:

A call went out for anyone interested in looking at how existing committeeıs are structured. If interested contact Peter Haslund.   


There is also concern about campus ethics (student cheating) and the use of technology towards achieving that endeavor. Jim Chesher will chair a summer commission along with Bob Cummings from Biology, Kathy Molloy from English and Bonnie Chavez from Business to look at the sources of this problem and come up with some recommendations.  Ben Partee will represent administration with Maria Garcia and David Jones representing students.


Recommendation: This should be an in-service topic.


5.2                EVP Report – no report was given


5.3                Other Reports

5.3.1         California Community College Independents Conference (CCCI)

Mr. Tom Garey attended the conference and reported that the message from CCCI is: Œto be prepared for some major things coming down the pike in the next few weeksı via CPR and the Governorıs budget proposal.


5.3.2         Special Resolution for Lana Rose:

A special resolution for Ms. Rose and her 15 years of leadership and service with distinction to the Academic Senate and SBCC was read and unanimously adopted by the senate members.


5.3.3         Thank you to Senators not returning:

A special thank you and acknowledgement of their excellent service to the college went out to Vice President Gary Carroll, Ms. Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli, Ms. Lana Rose and Mr. Bob Stockero.


6.0                ADJOURN – The meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


Next meeting - Summer Session – day/date/time TBA