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Reporting to the Superintendent/President, BPAP is the college-wide advisory committee and consultative body for Board policies and administrative procedures. BPAP is charged with identification of and recommendations for all Board policies and administrative procedures legally required by state and federal law and the Accreditation Commission.

Additionally, BPAP is responsible for the ongoing review, updating, and maintenance of this material to ensure that policies are legally current and in accordance with Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.

Committee members represent governance groups and communicate with them for input and to provide education regarding policies and procedures.

2 Administrator Appointees
3 Classified Appointees
3 Faculty Appointees
3 Manager Appointees
1 Student Appointee

All members are appointed by their respective governance groups. The committee chair is selected by the Superintendent/President from among the committee members.


Committee Members (2017-2018)

Monalisa Hasson Vice President,
Human Resources
Administrator Appointee
Angie Esqueda Executive Assistant - President/BOT Administrator Appointee
Liz Auchincloss Technology Services Specialist III Classified Appointee
Mary Saragosa Student Program Advisor Classified Appointee
Valdas Karalis Student Program Advisor Classified Appointee
Patricia Stark Assistant Professor Faculty Appointee
David Saunders Professor Faculty Appointee
Kimberly Monda Professor Faculty Appointee
Kenley Neufeld (#) Dean Manager Appointee
Josh Murray Facilities Operations Manager Manager Appointee
Priscilla Mora Dean Manager Appointee
Cristina Garcia Otero Administrative Assistant II Staff Support
Vanessa Vera  Student Student Appointee

 # Committee Chair

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