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Undecided Major Support

Why declaring  a major is important to you?

Declaring a major or at least having several majors of interest identified early, has many benefits to you:


  1. Priority EnrollmentWith a declared major and educational plan you will receive a higher priority registration date then students who are undeclared.
  2. Specialized academic counseling: The academic counselors specialize in different areas such as, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), art and humanities, business, nursing etc. 
  3. Receive important information:  You may receive important emails about departmental opportunities such as internships, scholarships, workshops and more.
  4. Graduate within your desired timeline: Work with a specialized academic counselor in creating a comprehensive Student Education Plan. This ensures that the classes you are taking, are leading to your educational goals.
  5. Double count your courses: You can double-count courses from major preparation and general education requirements? Talk to your academic counselor to learn more.
  6. Improve your chances for internships and job opportunities: Take advantage of internships which may also help with college admissions, scholarships or employment opportunities and more.
  7. Scholarships: There are special scholarship opportunities for you based on your major. Go to for more information.
  8. Have more opportunities available to you: Participate in student organizations and clubs which include opportunities for leadership, volunteer, professional development. Complete an independent study within your major, take advantage of incredible opportunities such as honors courses, research opportunities, study abroad and more.


How to Choose a Major

While there is no step-by-step process for choosing a major that fits you, there are several simple ways you can narrow your choice. Here are some important centers to help you explore your career, major and transfer options:

The Career Center offers professional career counselors dedicated to help you explore career options that best suit your interests, values and strengths. Take advantage of the Comprehensive Assessment Packet, other free assessments, career fairs, workshops, internships, job assistance and more.

The Transfer Center provides assistance in exploring transfer options to four-year universities and majors offered at each university. Transfer counselors and advisors help you explore and understand specific admissions and application process & requirements for admission. Be sure to check out two programs offered through the Transfer Center, Transfer Achievement Program and Transfer Academy.

The Academic Counseling Center has academic counselors who specialize in various majors. Once you have identified your educational and or transfer goals, you can work closely with your academic counselor in creating a comprehensive Student Education Plan mapping out all of the courses required to meet your educational goals.

It is important to consider the process of choosing a major like a job or class. Set specific goals. For example, "By the end of this semester, I'll attend information sessions for my top five majors, try to narrow them to three, then meet with admissions representative to a four year university.

Other ways to explore major options:

  • Take a Personal Development class or attend a career or major workshop- There are several Personal Development classes you can take for credit in which you will explore career options and learn important career development skills. PD 100 or PD 110, 3 Units (TR: CSU/UC)
  • Social Science 101 class- Introduction and survey of the social sciences (anthropology, communications, economics, ethnic studies, history, philosophy, political science, psychology and sociology), with relevance toward major and career development. 3 Units (TR: CSU/UC)
  • Take classes in your interest- General Education courses are a great opportunity to step outside of the box and challenge yourself in taking a class that you are curious about or didn’t know existed.
  • Talk to your Professors- Professors love what they do and are a wealth of information. Use their office hours to connect with your professors and ask them questions regarding their field and experiences.


What could happen if I delay choosing my major?

Delay in choosing your major could mean that you will be spending more time at SBCC in order to complete your requirements for the Associate’s degree and/or transfer. The important thing is to become actively engaged in the process of choosing a major as early as possible.



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