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SBCC Student Support Services 

Academic Counseling Center http://www.sbcc.edu/counselingcenter/index.php

Assist students in planning and implementing immediate and long range academic and career goals.Develop individualized Student Educational Plans (SEP).Provide students with information regarding academic planning, institutional and transfer & SBCC requirements.

Athletics http://www.sbcc.edu/counselingcenter/saasp.php Counseling assistance to student athletes in planning for and successfully completing specialized requirements in addition to fulfilling the general academic requirements applicable to all students.
Career Center http://www.sbcc.edu/careercenter/index.php Offers career counseling, career assessment testing, a broad range of workshops, job fairs, job listings, and support with resume writing and interview preparation.
Disability Services and Programs for Students (DSPS) http://www.sbcc.edu/dsps/index.php Educational access, support and learning environment to meet the students' educational goals where students can demonstrate their skills, and become independent, interdependent and integrated in our global community.
Express to Success Program (ESP) - Learning Communities http://www.sbcc.edu/esp/ Math and English accelerated classes with a supportive Learning Community (LC) environment.
Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) http://www.sbcc.edu/eopscare/ Academic support, financial assistance and encouragement for eligible, financially disadvantaged, and academically underprepared students. Occupational certificates, associate degrees, or transfer to four-year institutions goals.
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Transfer Program http://www.sbcc.edu/stem/ Hispanic and/or low income student support in creating and following a streamlined educational plan that ensures transfer to a four-year institution in a STEM area.
Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement Program (MESA) https://www.instagram.com/mesasbcc/ Supports students in successfully transferring to four-year universities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) majors.
Honors http://www.sbcc.edu/honors/ Satisfies all SBCC General Education, Mathematics and American Institutions Requirements for the Associate in Arts or Science Degree.
IPATH General Education Transfer Program http://www.sbcc.edu/ipath/ Counseling assistance in planning for and successfully completing academic, career and athletic goals in addition to fulfilling the general academic requirements applicable to all students.
International Student Support Program http://www.sbcc.edu/internationalstudents/ Program services include: new student orientation, academic planning, immigration and visa guidance, social activities, housing assistance, and workshops on a variety of topics
The SBCC Promise http://www.sbccpromise.org/eligibility/ Provides any local student who completes their secondary education within the Santa Barbara Community College District with the opportunity to attend SBCC full-time for two years free of charge.
Transfer Achievement Program (TAP) http://www.sbcc.edu/esp/ Assists under-represented students who are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university. The goal is to facilitate a smooth transition from SBCC to a four-year institution.
Transfer Academy (TA) http://www.sbcc.edu/transferacademy/ Comprehensive support services to empower, inform and educate students seeking to transfer to a four-year institution

Dr. Luis Giraldo

A transfer success program geared towards African-American and other black students http://sbcc.edu/studentlife/files/Umoja.pdf
Veteran Support http://www.sbcc.edu/veteranssupport/ Provides information and assistance to veterans and dependents of veterans eligible for Veterans Educational Assistance.



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