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Anne Redding

 Annual Faculty Lecturer 2017-2018

Invitation (PDF)

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In January 2018, Professor Anne Redding was interviewed at the Santa Barbara Police Department regarding allegations that were ballot tampering involved in the selection process for the 39th Faculty Lecturer at Santa Barbara City College. The following are excerpts from that interview.

Detective Briscoe: Good afternoon, Professor Redding. Thank you for coming
to the station to talk with us.

Redding: I was told there’d be pizza.

Detective Briscoe: I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed.

Redding: Whatever.

Detective Briscoe: Why don’t we start at the beginning. Could you tell me a little bit about your background?

Redding: My twin brother and I were separated at birth.
He went to live with our uncle and I was adopted by a senator
from Alderaan. I was a bit of a rebel when I was younger. The
first time I met my father was when he busted me for trying
to smuggle some blueprints of the Death Star to some friends
of mine. He boarded my ship –

Detective Briscoe [interrupting]: Professor, you’re describing
the origin story of Princess Leia. I’ve seen the movies.

Redding: Whatever.

Detective Briscoe: Okay, I’ll be more specific. Can you tell me
about your educational background?

Redding: By the time I was ten years old I was living in a
cupboard under the stairs of my aunt’s house. One day an owl
delivered a letter informing me that I had been accepted to
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I spent the next
eight years studying there –

Detective Briscoe [interrupting]: Professor, I’ve seen those
movies too.

Redding: Whatever.

Detective Briscoe: We’ve done some checking on you. Our
records show that you were born in Maine and spent your early
years in New England before you moved to California at age
12 with your mother and sister. You attended Burroughs High
School in Burbank. At age 17 you enrolled at Los Angeles Valley
College where you completed your CSU lower division general
education requirements. You then transferred to California
State University, Los Angeles, where you earned your Bachelor’s
degree in Criminal Justice, and then your Master’s degree in
Public Administration. Isn’t that true, Professor?

Redding: Whatever.

Detective Briscoe: Could you tell me about your work history
prior to being hired by Santa Barbara City College?

Redding: I started out at the FBI. While still in the academy, the
Behavioral Science Unit Chief, Jack Crawford, sent me to the
Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Baltimore to interview an
inmate. At first, Dr. Lecter was a real jerk, but later –

Detective Briscoe [interrupting]: Okay, I need to stop you right
there. I can see where this is going, so maybe you can at least
confirm what our detectives have learned about your work history.
You started working very young, delivering papers for The Boston
Globe when you were just twelve years old. Once in California,
there is evidence that suggests that at age 14 you became the
youngest Avon representative in the L.A. area at the time. Records
also show that you worked at McDonald’s and Taco Bell while in
high school, as a security guard at local film studios, and then
a bookseller at Waldenbooks while in college. You were hired by
the city of Los Angeles as a law enforcement park ranger when
you graduated with your Bachelor’s degree, and you then began
teaching part time at Rio Hondo Police Academy in Whittier,
California. Your first full-time teaching job was at Unity College
in Maine where you specialized in conservation law enforcement.
After two years at Unity College you were hired as an assistant
professor by Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, California, where
you later became department chair of their criminal justice program.
Finally, you were hired by Santa Barbara City College in 2004
where you have taught ever since, becoming department chair of
the School of Justice Studies in 2013. Isn’t that correct, professor?

Redding: Whatever.

Detective Briscoe: Perhaps we can shift gears here.
Congratulations on being named the 39th Annual Faculty
Lecturer at Santa Barbara City College. I understand that at
least two people are looking forward to your lecture –

Redding [interrupting]: It’s up to two?!

Detective Briscoe: Yes. Your sister confirmed—after your mom
told her you were paying both of their expenses, plus spending
money—to come see it. Do you feel you need to pay people to
attend your lecture?

Redding: Whatever.

Detective Briscoe: Can you tell me what you have planned for
your lecture? What are you going to talk about?

Redding: Finally, a good question! I’m extremely excited about
this honor. The title of my presentation, Crime Across the
Curriculum, is also descriptive of what I’m going to talk about.
In the process of educating people about what we do in the
School of Justice Studies, I’ll be demonstrating how the issues
surrounding crime and justice are highly interdisciplinary. I’m
hoping to also show how these issues have infiltrated our lives
in obvious, and sometimes surprising ways. By the end, I believe
that people who attend my lecture will walk away feeling that
they’ve learned something that they didn’t know before.

Detective Briscoe: Whatever.

Redding: Are you really not going to order pizza?

Detective Briscoe: Professor, the real reason that you are here
today is to answer questions surrounding allegations that the
ballot boxes for the 39th annual series of lectures was tampered
with in order to ensure that you would be selected. How do you
respond to these allegations?

Redding: On the advice of my attorney, I am invoking my Fifth
Amendment right to remain silent.

************* The police interview ends ***************

Investigator’s Notes: During the course of the interview,
Professor Redding’s demeanor was devoid of interest,
uncooperative and at times combative. The only time her
responses seemed truthful was when she was talking about her
upcoming lecture, which we suspect very few people will attend.
While at present there is not enough evidence to charge her with
crimes related to ballot box tampering, the case remains open.

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