Angela Belcher

 Angela Belcher head shotDr. Angela Belcher is a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT.  Her pioneering research involves using viruses to build nanochips, nanobatteries and other nanotechnological devices.  During her two years at SBCC, she earned a 4.0 GPA and won the prestigious President’s Scholarship, Organic Chemistry Award and Biological Science Award.  When asked about SBCC, she recalls, “I chose SBCC because I was new to southern California and SBCC had a reputation for being one of the best community colleges in California, plus Santa Barbara is a nice place to live.  What was so amazing about SBCC were the small class sizes and the complete dedication of the faculty to the students.  The labs were really superior in terms of the kinds of equipment we had and the experiments we got to do.  The one on one contact that we had with faculty, the mentoring, and the encouragement gave me the confidence to believe that anything was possible.  The preparation at SBCC gave me a very good understanding of the fundamentals. I learned to think about problems.  We had weekend breakfast sessions where we would not only talk about what we were working on in lecture and class, but real science and technology that was happening in the journals.  I still enjoy keeping in touch with faculty who are now my friends.” 

After attending SBCC, Dr. Belcher received her B.S. in Creative Studies and her Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from U.C. Santa Barbara.  In 2001, she was on the cover of Forbes Magazine with four other leading experts in nanotechnology.  She was awarded the 24th annual MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, and the 2004 Four Star General Recognition Award. Dr. Belcher was also named Scientific American’s Research Leader of the Year for 2006.

Dr. Belcher’s expertise includes biomaterials, biomolecular materials, organic-inorganic interfaces and solid-state chemistry.  Her focuses are evolving organisms to build new materials and devices for clean energy, electronics, the environment and medicine.  She has been published in many prestigious scientific journals including Science and Nature, and she has also been reported in the popular press including Fortune, Forbes, Discover, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.