Jamie Reno

Jamie Reno Head Shot

Former Newsweek correspondent Jamie Reno says his favorite thing about SBCC was a tie between the high quality of the classes and faculty, and the college’s unparalleled location overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  However, education must have had the edge.  Jamie became an honors student, inspired by former SBCC professors Peter Haslund and Royce Adams, as well as others who changed his life by bringing the best out of him and opening the world to him.  As proud as Jamie is to have transferred to San Diego State University and attended its School of Journalism, he still believes the best teachers he had in his entire life were at SBCC, which prepared him for his current career simply by showing him that he had the potential to do anything he wanted in life if he put his mind to it.

And apparently, his teachers were right.  Jamie is enjoying his 32nd year in journalism.  As one of the nation’s most successful and honored print journalists, he spent the last 20 years at Newsweek as an award-winning correspondent.  He covered the war in Iraq, the White House, Congress, the border, the environment, sports, entertainment, and the list goes on.  Jamie, who is currently an investigative reporter for Healthline, America's second largest consumer health news site with 90 million monthly visitors, has also edited and written for the New York Times, Yahoo News, Daily Beast, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, People, Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times, and more.  A winner of more than 150 Society of Professional Journalist and Press Club awards, Jamie was the lead reporter on a Newsweek series on the 9/11 terror attacks, which earned him and his colleagues the National Magazine Award for General Excellence, the highest award in magazine journalism.  While Jamie still writes for national publications frequently, his focus has shifted.  A 22-year survivor of stage IV, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer, he is a respected global advocate for cancer patients and their families, and celebrated author of Hope Begins in the Dark, an acclaimed book profiling 40 courageous survivors of the disease that included celebrities who’ve never spoken publicly about their cancer.  He has directed numerous cancer awareness projects in partnerships with such organizations as The Children's Treehouse Foundation, CancerCare, the American Cancer Society, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and the Lymphoma Research Foundation.

In gratitude toward the educational awakening he received at SBCC and its influence on his career, Jamie says, “It amuses and pleases me that most of the Newsweek colleagues with whom I’ve worked the years are graduates of Ivy League schools.  I wear my Santa Barbara City College roots like a badge of honor.  It will always be a very, very special part of me."