Larry Galizio

 Larry Galizio head shotClatsop Community College President, Dr. Larry Galizio, says what he enjoyed most about SBCC was the combination of quality instructors and academic programs, coupled with the physical beauty of the campus and surrounding environment. “I’ll always remember fondly my courses with Dr. Charles Courtney and Guy Smith. Dr. Courtney’s passion for poetry and literature was infectious and a catalyst for my lifelong love of reading and language. Guy Smith’s sense of humor and exacting standards for writing has proven beneficial for me both academically and professionally.” Dr. Galizio attended SBCC and UC Santa Barbara before earning his undergraduate degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from UC Berkeley. Regarding his transition to a four year university, he says, “My transfer from SBCC to UCSB and ultimately to UC Berkeley went smoothly. In addition to having all of the courses I’d taken count toward my undergraduate degree, I felt prepared academically for my upper level courses. It took moving out of state to really appreciate the wisdom of the structure and philosophy of California’s public system of higher education.” Dr. Galizio later earned his Master's Degree in Communication Studies from San Francisco State University, and his Ph.D. from the School of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University.

 Before he was president at Clatsop Community College, Dr. Galizio was a full-time faculty member for 16 years, and also served as the Director for Strategic Planning for the Chancellor's Office of the Oregon University System. In addition to his experience in teaching and administration, Dr. Galizio served three terms in the Oregon Legislature (2004-2009) before taking his Strategic Planning position in the Chancellor's Office. In 2007, Dr. Galizio was honored by the Oregon Community College Association with the prestigious Howard Cherry Award for his legislative leadership and advocacy for Oregon's community colleges.

 “It’s not an exaggeration to say that my experience at SBCC was transformational and led directly to my career in education. Although I enjoyed grade school, I “majored” in sports and socializing in junior high and high school, and my grades suffered. Fortunately, it was recommended that I attend SBCC and it was my experience there that rekindled an intellectual curiosity and love of learning that continues to this day. It was my transformational experience at SBCC that led to my current position as a community college president. I can think of no better evidence of the powerful impact SBCC had on my life than its influence on my decision to pursue a career in higher education and specifically, community colleges. To come full circle, it is my sincere hope that one day I might have the opportunity to serve in a leadership capacity at Santa Barbara City College. Thank you, SBCC!”