Marissa Machado

 Marissa Machado Head ShotProfessional make-up artist Marissa Machado has worked with numerous celebrities from the Jonas Brothers to Fergie.  She also works as a fashion expert and correspondent for the entertainment site, Cambio.  When asked about her start in the business, Marissa recalls, “I always knew I wanted to work in Hollywood as a make-up artist, but it was important to my parents that I go to college.  While in high school, I offered my hair and make-up services to all my friends.  After I graduated, I moved to Santa Barbara and attended Santa Barbara City College Cosmetology Academy.  I lived in the dorms in Isla Vista and went to SBCC.  I loved my two years in Santa Barbara—they were two of the best years of my life.  I learned a lot and I knew I was there to get something done.  My instructor at the Academy, Jeri Franco, was amazing.”  Once Marissa graduated, she started her professional career at Nordstrom working for Stila, which led her to becoming the youngest member of their Pro Artist Team.  She worked L.A. fashion shows, did magazine covers, and taught classes.  Marissa recalls, “From the start, I took every job that came my way even if I wasn’t always comfortable. I never said no.”

Currently, Marissa is booked through her agency, Celestine, and her job varies daily—it could entail being on set at 6:00 a.m., with a couple of hours in the make-up trailer, then back on set watching the monitor and following her clients throughout their day.  Her day might be 18 hours (including traveling), or one hour—tops—spent polishing up a client for their appearance on the red carpet.  Three years ago, Marissa started working with the Jonas Brothers.  She experienced two seasons of their television show, their talk show appearances and accompanied them on world tours.  Regarding the hard work and dedication it takes, Marissa says, “It feels good to make people look their best.  I’ve always enjoyed that.  It’s not about me.  It’s about them.  I’m willing to put my personal needs aside, even if that means missing Thanksgiving (three years in a row) or other family events.  While celebrities are so admired by the public, they’re also hugely scrutinized for their flaws.  When they thank me for helping them look good, it’s gratifying, because you’re helping them be the best version of themselves.  Working with the Jonas Brothers, I’ve become like family, which is special.  While the rest of the world may not see it, I can see the change in their appearance when I’m watching the monitor.  When they look great, it makes me feel good.”

Where does she see herself in the future?  “I want to continue to work; to be respected as a make-up artist.  Maybe there’s a cosmetic line in my future too. I do video tutorials for Cambio, which I like, so I’d like to branch out as a make-up expert.  And I really like teaching.”  Marissa’s advice to anyone interested in following in her footsteps is to keep in mind that there’s always something more to learn.  “Above all, believe in yourself,” she says.  “Never say “no” to anything.  You never know where it’s going to get you. Don’t get too cocky or comfortable because there’s always somebody who can take a job from you—and it happens, which is part of the game—but it’s so important to stay hungry.”