Meet TAP Students

Here are a few words from our students...


Matthew P. Poulin

"Good day mate, first born of two children, grew up in Santa Barbara, and I am pursing an AA in Communications at SBCC with the intent to seek a BA at Monterey CSU or Stanford University. As a student with a learning disability, I have been able overcome barriers and successfully participate in the Honors Program, and Phi Theta Kappa Academic Honors Society. I am grateful for the guidance of TAP throughout my journey, which strengthened my commitment to student success. Transferring to a four-year is like rowing a boat. It can be grueling at times and requires patience and the forward momentum of your oars. Do you ever feel as if your hands may go lax and the oars just lay loose in the oarlocks? If so, then TAP is for you. TAP will assure forward momentum, ultimately that destination just beyond the horizon. I cannot picture a worthier program than TAP to cross the unknown sea of education. They have given me the guidance and encouragement needed at times when I needed it the most."


Gerardo Banuelos

 "Born and raised in Santa Barbara, I feel extremely proud of my school being among the top community colleges nation-wide. It is with this pride that I also have become the first person in my family to go to college. I joined TAP in the Summer of 2013 and since day one, I immediately knew that the TAP counselors would be a huge part of my success at SBCC. Pablo Diaz was always an email away whenever I wanted to set up an appointment to discuss my academic plan. The entire staff here at TAP is always more than happy to work with their students and will make you feel comfortable and encouraged. Now in my second year, I seek to transfer to USC as a Business major in the Fall of next year. I owe all my gratitude to the TAP program, as without them I would have no orientation in regards to my academic and career goals"


Nancy Ochoa

 "What I like about the TAP program is that they are always friendly and try and help you as much as they can. My major is Film Production and I would like to transfer to a 4 year university. With the guidance from TAP and the hard work I’ve been putting in I know that I have a good chance at getting into CSUDH or CSULA. What gets even better is that they do monthly trips to different universities which makes you feel even closer to your own personal goals. Not only am I the first to attend college, but try to set a good example to my six year old little girl. Without TAP I would be uncertain as to which step to make next. So to all students not in TAP, come and join a program that you wished you would have joined sooner."