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Prerequisite Instructions and Forms

1. Choose Your Form

There are two types of forms. Start by choosing the correct form for you. 

Prerequisite Clearance Form A: This form is used for verification of prerequisites/corequisites based on successful completion of equivalent/substitute coursework from regionally accredited colleges and universities, or high schools. Examples of coursework include: college and university courses, high school courses (chemistry, physics, and foreign language courses only). College-level coursework must be completed with a grade of C, Pass or Credit (where Pass and Credit are a C/2.0 or above).

Prerequisite Clearance Form B: This form is used for verification of prerequisite and/or corequisite(s) based on grounds other than coursework such as work experience, native language, licenses or certificates, etc.

2. Complete Your Form

Start by gathering your support documents.

Form A: OFFICIAL transcripts

  • Follow the instructions on Incoming Transcripts to submit your transcripts to SBCC Admissions and Records and verify your transcripts have been received.
  • Official transcripts must be verified as received by Admissions and Records BEFORE you submit Form A or your request will not be processed. 
  • Do not submit transcripts to the Transcript Evaluation Office. They will not be considered official, and will not be reviewed or processed. 
  • Official transcripts must show proof you have completed the prerequisite/corequisite or your request will be denied.

Form B: Reasoning/support documents

  • A written statement with reasoning supporting the basis for your pre/co-requisite request.
  • If you are using a license, certification, etc. as justification for your request you must submit a copy of the document(s).
  • High school dual enrollment students: You must also include a letter of support from your high school counselor or your request will be denied. 

3. Submit Your Form

Complete and submit your prerequisite clearance request form. This is an online form! Log in using your SBCC Pipeline credentials. 

PDF versions of these forms are also available if you are unable to access the online forms. Submit these forms using ShareFile (online) or submit to Admissions and Records.  Form A PDFForm B PDF


Processing Your Form

Requests are generally processed within ten (10) business days of receipt of your completed form and all required documentation. This time frame excludes weekends, holidays, and campus closures and is subject to change without notification.   Important Notes:

  • Notifications and decisions are emailed to students at their SBCC Pipeline account.
  • Students are not permitted to enroll in courses that require prerequisites or corequisites until their request is approved.
  • An approved petition does not guarantee space in any course.
  • An add code from an instructor does not override a prerequisite clearance request.


Need Help? If you are having trouble submitting the online form, contact us at prerequisites@sbcc.edu.  

IMPORTANT: Incomplete forms or forms missing support documents will not be processed.

See Deadlines & Processing Information for additional information.

Requests are accepted up to these prerequisite deadlines. However, we recommend you submit your request at least fifteen (15) days prior to your registration date.


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