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Cross Enrollment

Cross Enrollment can provide enrolled SBCC students with the opportunity to enroll without formal admission to UCSB - in a maximum of one UCSB course per quarter on a space-available basis for $46.00 per unit*. Cross enrollment can provide an invaluable opportunity to expose students to the quarter system and the academic culture and expectations of the university environment before transfer. Continuation of the Cross-Enrollment program beyond fall 2018 is contingent upon legislative approval.

*Fees are subject to change  

Eligibility Requirements

You must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a California resident
  • Have completed at least one term at SBCC
  • Be enrolled and complete at least 6 SBCC units during the term of cross-enrollment (student must maintain at least six units during the entire semester at SBCC)
  • Have a minimum 2.0 SBCC G.P.A.
  • Be an undergraduate
  • Have all current SBCC fees paid
  • Earned an average grade of C or P in all courses taken in previous terms at UCSB. If not in good academic standing, the student may only register to repeat a class previously failed, i.e., attempts to improve their academic standing.
  • Students may only repeat a course once. Future attempts will be denied.
  • If the student was previously enrolled at UCSB, at the end of the last quarter of attendance, she/he must not have been dismissed or suspended for disciplinary actions, and she/he must have cleared all admissions and registration blocks.

Enrollment Conditions

  • Approval is valid for only the term specified.
  • Enrollment is limited to one course per quarter at UCSB.
  • Approval is subject to instructor approval, space availability, deadlines, and registration procedures at UCSB.
  • Enrollment in pre-college courses is excluded.
  • Academic advisement is only available at SBCC.
  • Students are urged to secure approval from an SBCC counselor to ensure the course meets an SBCC requirement.
  • The UCSB department or instructor may require evidence of course prerequisites at the time of enrollment (transcript or grade reports).
  • Financial aid is available only through SBCC and students eligible for veterans, rehabilitation, social security and other federal, state or county benefits must secure eligibility certification through SBCC.
  • Permanent academic records are maintained at UCSB. Students may request official transcripts be sent to their home campus at the completion of grade processing. Transcripts are not automatically sent.
  • Parking at UCSB is available on a fee basis.
  • Students are subject to all administrative procedures of UCSB.
  • To stop attending, students must process an official drop/withdrawal at UCSB Office of the Registrar or an unsatisfactory grade will be recorded on their permanent UCSB record.
  • If you need special accommodations due to a disability, please contact Disabled Students Program at 805/893-2668.

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Important Messages

  • If a student takes a class at UCSB and earns a C minus (C-) grade or lower the student's admission to ANY UC may be jeopardized because of a deficient UC GPA.
  • Substandard grades earned at a UC campus can only be repeated at a UC campus to alleviate the GPA. The student may repeat the course only once through the Inter-segmental Cross Enrollment Program or during summer school.
  • A student should consider taking the class Pass/No Pass if the class is not required in preparation for a major.
  • The Quarter System is ten weeks long, and it moves very rapidly.
  • The student should use tutoring services if available.

Application Procedures

The Cross Enrollment process is initiated at Santa Barbara City College. Applications can be obtained by speaking to an SBCC academic counselor from the SBCC Transfer Center or Counseling Center. An interview and recommendation from an academic counselor are required.

2018 - 2019 Academic Year

  • The Cross Enrollment Registration Form is NOT to be submitted before the sixth (6th) day of instruction.
  • It must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar at UCSB no later than the "add course" deadline for the appropriate quarter.

UCSB's add course deadlines are as follows:

Fall Quarter 2018

Thursday, September 27

Instruction Begins

Thursday, October 4

Submission of Cross Enrollment Registration Form permitted

Friday, December 7

Last day of Instruction

December 8-14

Final examinations

Winter Quarter 2019

Monday, January 7

Instruction Begins

Monday, January 14

Submission of Cross Enrollment Registration Form permitted

Friday, March 15

Last day of Instruction

March 16 - 22

Final examinations

Spring Quarter 2019

Monday, April 1

Instruction Begins

Monday, April 8

Submission of Cross Enrollment Registration Form permitted

Friday, June 7

Last day of Instruction

June 8 - 14

Final examinations

Updated 8-26-18

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