Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)


Welcome to the SBCC Transfer Academy! 

  • Guaranteed Admission is more commonly referred to as a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program.  A TAG is a contractual agreement between you, SBCC, and a four-year college or university.  Students who meet and maintain stated admission and major requirements are guaranteed admission to a specific four-year college or university.

    Seven UC campuses offer guaranteed admission to California community college students who meet specific requirements. By participating in a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program, you can ensure your admission to specific campus, which offers an early review of your academic record, early admission notification, and specific guidance on major preparation and general education coursework.

    The 2020 -21 TAG matrix provides a list of participating campuses, eligibility criteria, and campus-specific notes.

  • A TAG has many benefits.  Signing and meeting the conditions of the TAG will GUARANTEE an enrollment slot for the TAG admission cycle.  The TAG provides prospective students with a specific plan of action to ensure they satisfy the admissions requirements.   The TAG provides the participating universities with the student's contact information and as a result, the student will have direct access to university representatives and current information about their admissions or changes they should know about.  Other benefits vary, please check with the specific school.

  • The criteria vary by four-year college or university, but in all cases, a UC TAG is available only to students transferring directly from a California Community College are considered for a TAG, including international students (those with a visa). The University of California defines a CCC transfer student as one who has completed over half of their units at a CCC. All UC TAG campuses require students to meet this definition. To be eligible, at the time of submission, students must have completed at least thirty UC-transferable units with a certain GPA as required by each campus/major. 

    • Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, and/or professional degree cannot participate in TAG.

    • Students who have previously enrolled at a UC campus during a regular term (not including summer session) cannot submit a TAG application to return to that campus.

    Transfer students do not have to participate in TAG to be considered for admission.  Non-TAG students (students ineligible or who fail to complete a TAG) may still be admissible to the University and will be reviewed through the general transfer admission pool.  They must also apply for UC admission during the appropriate application filing period.

  • To pursue a UC TAG:

    1.  Read TAG conditions at your preferred University to determine initial eligibility;

    2. You may access the TAG application now. However, submission will be accepted from September 1 - September 30, 2019;

    3. Throughout the month of September, students may access our TAG kiosk to ask pertinent questions regarding the TAG.  The kiosk is located in the Student Services Building lobby and manned by our Transfer Academy Team Members.  Students may also attend an SBCC TAG Workshop or access our online UC TAG Tutorial - Video. If applying to UCSB, you may also access their online UCSB TAG Webinar.

    Of Note: Attendance is not required, and students may submit their TAG without utilizing assistance from SBCC personnel.

    4. Obtain transcripts from ALL previous colleges/universities;

    5. Log in to the online TAG application and complete the submission process by September 30th

    • The academic history should MIRROR your transcripts, i.e. show all courses- non-transferable, D's, F's, W's, repeats, etc. The application can be completed and submitted online without the assistance of a counselor.  

    6.  If you attended a TAG Workshop or utilized the online TAG tutorial, you may have your TAG application reviewed before submission.  The TAG review sessions are held on Mondays, September 9, 16, 23 from 8:30 am - noon and on September 30th from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm in SS-250 as well as virtually

    7. Apply for fall 2020 admission to the UC or TAG institution during the appropriate filing period. UC Application and personal statement workshops will be held beginning in October through November.

    8. Pay attention to the University admission timeline.

    The deadline for submitting a TAG is generally one year in advance of the transfer term (e.g. If you are transferring in Fall 2020, you will submit a TAG this fall - September 1 - September 30).

    • UC TAG deadline - September 30th
    • Private and CSU institutions have varying deadlines as outlined in their TAG agreement listed above. 
    TAG Access Now
    UC TAG submission cycle September 1 - 30, 2019

    UC application period


    CSU application period

    Access: Beginning August 1, 2019

    Submission: November 1st - 30th

    October 1, 2018 - November 30, 2019

    UC application update January 1 - 31, 2020
  • Effective fall 2013 UC admission cycle and beyond, students can only submit one UC TAG.  If applicable, students applying to a CSU and/or independent/private institution can submit a TAG for that system. It is imperative that a TAG is submitted to the UC by September 30, 2019, in order to be considered for 2020 Guaranteed Admission at one of the six UC's.  In addition to submitting a TAG by September 30th, all students must submit a University of California Admissions Application.  The CSUs and private/independent institutions have varying TAG deadlines.  Please review the individual school information as listed above and/or meet with a counselor for additional information.

  • TAG schools and SBCC understand that goals change.  Students who submit a TAG are not obligated to transfer to the four-year college or university. Transfer students do not have to participate in TAG to be considered for admission. 

TAG Schools


  1. Assured Admission
  2. CSUCI Extension Office in Goleta - Not Main Campus 
  3. International: F-1 Visa Holders 
  4. Business School Only