Green Gardener

Green Gardener Certificate

The Green Gardener Program offers education, training, certification, and the promotion of participating gardeners and landscape contractors. This regional program trains gardeners in resource-efficient landscaping practices within Santa Barbara County. Upon completion of the course requirements, Green Gardeners will be included on the County of Santa Barbara’s website.

Green Gardener: Module 1
Attention landscapers, maintenance gardeners, property owners and managers. This course is designed for interested individuals who wish to develop knowledge and skills in order to pursue a career in sustainable landscaping. Participants will become certified after completing the course requirements and passing exams. Students who complete the course will benefit from discounts, free advertising, and promotion by the program sponsors. Expert guest lecturers will cover irrigation efficiency, green waste reduction, pest and fertilizer management and proper plant maintenance. Includes both classroom and fieldwork. Clients who hire Certified Green Gardeners will benefit from a resource-efficient landscape

Green Gardener: Module 2
This class builds on the Green Gardener: Module 1 course, providing the landscape professional additional training in resource conservation, pollution prevention and sustainability.

Advanced Green Gardener Certificate 

Advanced Green Gardener

Recommended to be taken after completion of Green Gardener Course Modules 1 and 2, as it builds on same topics with greater detail and including a lab component with hands-on experience in sustainable landscape care.

Green Gardener Recertification
Green Gardener Recertification course provides students who have received certification from the Green Gardener Modules 1&2 a way to maintain active status on public listings which promotes Green Gardeners to the general public. Additionally, this course offers a review of past and up to date additional information for students who wish to keep current with the latest emerging techniques, laws and technology in the sustainable landscaping field.